Happy 2021! This winter season we swapped our usual Holiday party for local gift baskets for each employee and traded in-person boat shows for virtual ones. Delivery highlights included a 4615-CTC luxury water taxi to Liberty National Golf Club and the launch of our latest RecPro model: the 3814-CTC!

We also had the chance to talk to Inside Marine about our rebranding, navigating 2020, and looking to the future. You can check out that article in their APR/MAY 2021 issue link here (we’re on page 96).

Brix Marine designs and builds welded aluminum catamarans, monohulls, and Naiad RHIBs distinguished by quality craftsmanship and innovative design. We believe solutions exist to unique vessel demands, and we provide solutions to our clients every day, giving them the best possible opportunity to succeed on the water.