BRIX Marine’s reliable construction shines nowhere better than in its landing craft designs.

Where through the rigors of beaching, loading, and transporting, toughness and reliability are essential. Choose a platform that will run for decades of utility transport needs, choose a BRIX.



Waterjet propulsion makes landing operations possible on even the shallowest beaches with this 37’ catamaran. The hull structure provides a sizeable foredeck as well as a comfortable ride for up to fifteen passengers in the aft-situated cabin. The vessel can be boarded either via the jet guard at the stern or through the hydraulic bow door, which can be lowered or raised with controls at both the bow and the helm station. Lifting eyes incorporated to the interior hull sides facilitate transportation to landlocked or distant locations.

Length: 37’
Beam: 14’
Lightship: 20,000 lb
HP: Twin FPT 6.7 420hp w/ Ultrajet UJ305
Cruise: 30 kn
MPG: 0.8
PAX: 15



The signature foredeck of a landing craft is accompanied by a comfortable cabin on the 3814-CTC, with seating for 12, an onboard head, and two convertible benches for overnight berths. Outboard powered, a kedging anchor off the stern aids in getting off the beach. Twin davit receptacles permit cargo loading from either port or starboard, while smaller items can be brought on across the T-transom, and larger items through the hydraulic drop bow.

Length: 38’
Beam: 14’
Lightship: 16,000 lb
HP: Twin Yamaha 300hp Outboards
Cruise: 23 kn
MPG: 0.8
PAX: 12



The small pilothouse on the aft deck of this 40’ landing craft expands usable deck space to its fullest. Designed for use in the aquaculture field, a bench with tank storage and a ladder mounted on the T-transom enable diving operations, while the hydraulic bow door makes the deployment of divers and equipment easy and ergonomic. A removable davit and side boarding doors on each side further assists cargo loading, as heavy-duty push knees and a tow post add to the vessel’s capabilities. Once beached and laden, an aft windlass combined with a kedging anchor can be used to help pull the boat back into the water.

Length: 40’
Beam: 14’
Lightship: 19,000 lb
HP: Twin Yamaha 300hp Outboards
Cruise: 25 kn
MPG: 0.9



A true “Swiss Army knife” of boats, the 4615-HTC was originally designed as a utility landing craft with full bow-picker function for gillnet operations. A gillnet reel mounted to the fore deck, bow roller, and davit mounted pinch hauler sustain fishing operations, while deck tie downs and extra-wide hydraulic bow door with hinged extension facilitate ergonomic hauling maneuvers. The aft-set cabin features seating for 15, as well as a bunk room for 4, head with walk-in shower, full-service galley, and convertible dinette. Further outfitted with engine guards, removable tow post at the extended T-transom, and a rooftop dinghy storage rack, this vessel maximizes adaptability for a variety of workboat operations.

Length: 46’
Beam: 15’
Lightship: 23,000 lb
HP: Quad Suzuki 350hp Outboards
Cruise: 29 kn
MPG: 0.7
PAX: 15



When it comes to transporting passengers and cargo, Brix Marine’s 47’ classic tunnel catamaran (CTC) provides the definitive platform, perfect for ferrying payloads, landing excursion tours along the beach, or cruising on sightseeing trips alike. With seating for 30 inside the cabin, an onboard head, and small counter for coffee or snacks, passengers will enjoy the ride in comfort. In addition to its large foredeck, the 4715-CTC is also configurable with rooftop kayak rack, push knees, engine guards, and heavy-duty rub strakes.

Length: 47’
Beam: 15’
Lightship: 23,000 lb
HP: Quad Suzuki 300hp Outboards
Cruise: 23 kn
MPG: 0.8
PAX: 30


When a shallow draft and overall displacement are paramount to the benefits of a catamaran, a monohull landing craft is an excellent option.



Made for high speed operations, the 5216-RCM serves as a highly maneuverable platform. Triple waterjets provide a shallow draft underway, and the wide hydraulic ramp design allows for vehicle loading directly on and off the vessel from the shoreline. Designed to serve between multiple islands in unprotected water, low gunnels ease hauling cargo over the side, as large freeing ports keep water out. The offset pilot house maximizes available deck space, granting this vessel the ability to transport greater payload in less trips.

Length: 52’
Beam: 16’
Lightship: 32,000 lb
HP: Triple Cummins 6.7 380hp w/ Ultrajet 305HT
Cruise: 20 kn
MPG: 0.7



The 6218-RCM’s most appealing aspect is its vast foredeck, boasting a 40,000 lb. capacity essential to ferry operations. Capable of transporting large trucks and full-size excavators, this monohull is powered via triple engines and waterjets, which when used in union with the full-width bow ramp, render even shallow water beaching operations possible. Utilizing custom built self-contained cabins, or “passenger pods,” this vessel also adheres to USCG compliance, and is approved to convey three pods of 12 commuters each on its foredeck.

Length: 62’
Beam: 18’
Lightship: 59,000 lb
HP: Triple Scania DI12-66M 650hp w/ Ultrajet 410H
Cruise: 23 kn
MPG: 0.5