Government Vessels




In emergency response situations, surprises mean danger.

Brix Marine offers a reliable vessel that provides a sturdy platform in multiple sea states, and equipment that is integrated into the boat for quick, dependable use. Brix Marine fire boats are designed and built specifically to adapt to any situation as well as you do.



Designed for marina security and protection, this 3011 CTC fire boat is a versatile multi-use platform. The 30’ hull size allows for exceptional maneuverability and stability, while the walk-around work deck and hydraulic drop bow door allow for safe and convenient firefighting, beach access, and dive operations. The fire system feeds 500 GP to a bow mounted monitor, which when combined with hand-line outlets and multiple tow points make this craft valuable in almost any situation.

Length: 30’
Beam: 11’
Lightship: 9,000 lb
HP: Twin Mercury 300hp Outboards
Cruise: 35 kn
MPG: 1.3



The 3110-RCM fire boat exhibits versatile emergency response in record time. Twin high horsepower outboards deliver an impressive top speed, while the fire system throughputs more than 1500 GPM via a dedicated engine and below deck pump. The landing gate serves as the loading point for stretchers and gurneys, which are easily stowed at dedicated locations on board. Custom electronics including enforcement lights, comms, and an IR camera combine to make the 3110-RCM a true state-of-the-art vehicle.

Length: 31’
Beam: 10’
Lightship: 14,000 lb
HP: Twin Mercury 300hp Outboards
Cruise: 33 kn
MPG: 1.2



Serving as a combination between fire and patrol boat, this 31’ classic tunnel catamaran (CTC) features inboard/outboard diesel engines and a walk-around cabin structure, achieving excellent fuel economy and maximizing usable deck space. The interior of the cabin devotes space for stretcher and gurney stowage, as well as including a two-person chart table and workstation. At the bow, a 300 GPM pump powers the manually operated nozzle, and a hydraulic drop door enables convenient beaching and loading of personnel or equipment.

Length: 31’
Beam: 11’
Lightship: 13,000 lb
HP: Twin Volvo D4 225hp I/Os
Cruise: 26 kn
MPG: 1.9



The spacious 3513-CTC fire/rescue boat sports a full-width walk through cabin, hydraulic drop bow door, and aft boarding doors wide enough to accommodate stretchers. A divider wall across the cabin’s interior isolates the operators at the helm and fire monitor station, while at the same time providing a dedicated space for patient treatment. A 500 GPM pump combined with a bow mounted monitor provide impressive firefighting capabilities, as a hydrant wye at the stern offers additional hand line functionality.

Length: 35’
Beam: 13’
Lightship: 13,000 lb
HP: Twin Mercury 300hp Outboards
Cruise: 26 kn
MPG: 0.9


When failure is not an option.

Brix Marine’s patrol boats respond quickly and assuredly, and are strong enough to tackle any scene they’re plunged into. These fast and rugged vessels provide maximum flexibility in the field, and give you the confidence to push the limits in times of need.



When response time is critical, the quad 300hp outboards powering the 3412-CTC will make interception easy. Complete with gun mounts, shock mitigating seats, hybrid collar, hydraulic bow door, onboard head, and even a small galley, this patrol vessel is well suited to any objective. The catamaran hull form of the 3412-CTC provides unparalleled stability and superior fuel economy at speed.

Length: 34’
Beam: 12’
Lightship: 13,000 lb
HP: Quad Mercury 300hp Outboards
Cruise: 40 kn
MPG: 0.6



The 3813-RCM was designed for efficient marine law enforcement. Superior maneuverability is achieved by the combination of twin inboard diesel engines and side power, while an aft deck dive platform and tank storage ensure underwater operations are ergonomic and safe. Inside the heated cabin, suspension seating for captain and crew, two folding tables, and a storage cabinet lend versatility to the interior workspace. Overhead spotter windows maximize visibility, and a sliding half door at the helm offers quick operator access during mooring. The pass-through cuddy provides bow access and emergency egress in addition to housing the head and ample equipment storage shelving.

Length: 38’
Beam: 13’
Lightship: 20,000 lb
HP: Twin Cummins 6.7 425hp S&W
Cruise: 20 kn
MPG: 1.0


4512-RCM | STORM

The 4512-RCM, or STORM, is a vessel designed and built specifically for patrol, interception, boarding, and combat. A high speed deadrise, integrated fendering system, protective dive platform, mooring bollards, and lifting eyes attribute to the STORM’s role as a high-speed interceptor, while clear side decks, an open aft, and handrails down the length make traversing the vessel effortless. The interior can be outfitted to maximize personnel capacity, or with medical and additional facilities. Fully capable of being fitted with modern weapons systems, the STORM also houses a watertight forepeak, which opens to reveal beach landing capabilities via an actuating bow ramp.

Length: 45’
Beam: 12’
Lightship: 30,000 lb
HP: Twin Scania 13 750hp w/ Hamilton HJ403
Cruise: 44 kn
MPG: 0.8


RHIB Patrol

A comfortable, safe boat is paramount for operators to carry out their duties efficiently and safely. That’s why Naiad focuses so intently on hull design. A technically superior, soft riding hull shape, combined with advanced shock-mitigating seat design means Naiad Patrol Boats are capable of higher speeds in rougher water with less potential for injury or fatigue. Furthermore, a Naiad’s design makes it easier to track cleanly through waves and manoeuvre with confidence, so boarding other vessels is easier, more predictable and safer. Naiad Patrol Boats are currently deployed by Police, Fisheries, Navy dive units, Harbour Masters, Port Security and Customs in locations all around the world and the range includes centre console, walk-thru centre cabin, hardtop and full cabin.


  • Open Boats: 5.8M – 10M (19′ – 32′)
  • Hardtops: 7M – 10M (22′ – 32′)
  • Full Cabin: 7M -15M (22′ – 50′)


  • Outboard – Single / Twin / Triple
  • Diesel Jet – Single / Twin
  • Diesel Shaft – Twin