Behind the Scenes of the BRIX 4615-HTC: Advancing Maritime Operations with Purposeful Design

PORT ANGELES, WA – BRIX Marine is excited to announce the forthcoming launch of the 4615-HTC, a significant addition to its line of purpose-built vessels. Currently undergoing construction, the 4615-HTC embodies the latest in marine innovation, tailored to meet the evolving demands of maritime professionals. 

General Specifications: 

Model 4615-HTC
Type LandingCat
Name Chenega
Hull Length 46′
Waterline Length 40′
LOA ~50′
Beam 15′
Lightship Weight ~25,000 lbs
Propulsion 4 x Yamaha 450HP outboards
Fuel Capacity 2 x 300 gal
Estimated Range 225 miles @ 25 kts (plus 10% reserve)
Passenger Count 18 PAX + Captain & 1 crew USCG Sub T
Fore Deck Payload 12,500 lbs. (in addition to passengers)
Estimated Freeboard 2′ 3″ (level trim at 45,700 lbs)

Base Specification: 

Currently in production at the BRIX Marine facility in Port Angeles, the 4615-HTC showcases robust construction featuring 5086 alloy aluminum hull skins and 5052 alloy aluminum interior transverse frames. Its catamaran hull form, certified by the USCG Builder’s Certification, ensures stability and adaptability in various maritime environments. 

Deck Accessories: 

Designed for operational efficiency and crew safety, the 4615-HTC incorporates essential features such as handrails on fore, side, and aft decks, along with detachable radar and antenna mast, side boarding doors, and gunwale trays. 

Empowering Maritime Professionals: 

The 4615-HTC is engineered to empower maritime professionals across diverse sectors, offering reliable performance and maneuverability. Its propulsion system, consisting of Quad Yamaha 450HP outboard engines, ensures optimal efficiency for various tasks, from coastal patrols to offshore support. 

Safety is a paramount consideration in the design of the 4615-HTC, with features including watertight bulkheads, self-bailing aluminum decks, and advanced navigation equipment. These elements combine to create a vessel that instills confidence in both crew and passengers. 

Perry Knudson, Managing Director at BRIX Marine, expressed excitement about the coming launch of the 4615-HTC, stating,

“The 4615-HTC represents a new era of innovation in work boat design. We’re proud to offer a vessel that not only meets but exceeds the demands of modern maritime operations.” 

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About BRIX Marine: 

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