BRIX Marine Delivers Kamohoali’i: 4014-CTC for Haleiwa Shark Tours

PORT ANGELES, WA – BRIX Marine proudly presents Kamohoali’i, a state-of-the-art 40′ x 14′ Classic Tunnel Catamaran (CTC), purpose-built for Haleiwa Shark Tours on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii.

General Specifications:

Length 40′
Beam 14′
Hull Type Classic Tunnel Catamaran
Lightship 20,560 lbs.
Propulsion 2 x Volvo 380HP D6
Electrical 12V DC system
Accommodations Seating for 29 passengers + 2 crew

Unleashing the Power: Volvo D6 Engines

Kamohoali’i is powered by twin Volvo 380HP D6 diesel engines, renowned for commercial-grade reliability. With Seastar Optimus inboard steering systems and EPS smartcylinders, the vessel ensures dynamic propulsion, optimal performance, and precise maneuverability through Hawaiian waters.

Navigation System and Dual Stations

A standout feature of Kamohoali’i is the Garmin navigation system, including a 12″ Volvo glass cockpit screen and a 7″ Multi-Function Display. With GPS, AIS Class B transponder, and a VHF radio, Kamohoali’i ensures safe and efficient maritime operations.

The vessel is equipped with two helm stations: the main station and a second station on the starboard side cabin aft. This design allows for enhanced visibility and control, providing the crew with flexibility and ensuring optimal positioning for the best shark encounters.

Empowering Haleiwa Shark Tours’ Mission

Haleiwa Shark Tours is dedicated to sharing the cultural significance and ecological importance of sharks, serving as stewards of the ocean. Kamohoali’i plays a pivotal role in fulfilling this mission by offering a vessel that goes beyond touring– it’s a platform for immersive, responsible, and authentic shark encounters.

The 40′ x 14′ dimensions provide ample space for 29 passengers + 2 crew, offering an inclusive experience that aligns with the company’s commitment to sharing Hawaiian culture and the significance of sharks.

Additionally, Kamohoali’i’s advanced safety features, including watertight hatches, bilge pumps, and emergency systems, contribute to creating a secure environment for passengers and crew, allowing unforgettable experiences that foster a connection between visitors and the spiritual essence of sharks.

Perry Knudson, Managing Director at BRIX Marine, said, “Kamohoali’i is a testament to BRIX Marine’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of marine innovation. Our goal is to not only design and build great vessels, but also to support ventures like Haleiwa Shark Tours in their mission to educate and inspire through responsible marine tourism.”

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About BRIX Marine: BRIX Marine is a leading marine vessel manufacturer renowned for creating innovative, purpose-built vessels that redefine maritime experiences. With a commitment to craftsmanship, technology, and design, BRIX Marine continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible in marine tourism and exploration. Learn more at

About Haleiwa Shark Tours: Haleiwa Shark Tours is the North Shore’s only shark cage diving experience owned and operated by Native Hawaiians. With a strong emphasis on education, sustainability, and conservation, the company provides passengers with a unique opportunity to engage with nature responsibly while fostering a deep appreciation for marine life.