BRIX Marine Delivers Artemis: Redefining Wildlife Adventuring on the Kona Coast

Port Angeles, WA – BRIX Marine, a leading innovator in the maritime industry, proudly presents Artemis, the latest addition to their custom PaxCat portfolio. Designed exclusively for Hawaiian Adventures, a renowned provider of immersive wildlife experiences on the Kona Coast, this 42′ x 16′ vessel is purpose-built to enhance their mission of cultivating connections between communities and marine wildlife.

Hawaiian Adventures is committed to delivering exceptional tours and creating unforgettable memories while preserving the marine ecosystem of the Kona Coast. Their year-round whale watching and night manta ray snorkel tours provide guests with stunning encounters of marine life and the natural wonders of Hawaii.

Artemis is equipped with Twin Volvo D11-510 with IPS 650 boasting an impressive 510 horsepower and dual counter rotating forward facing propellers. “The maneuverability that you get with the Volvo IPS drives will take most of the anxiety out of docking in the dark, tough weather, and tight spaces, which we often deal with in Kona,” expressed Shane Aggergaard, Founder of Hawaiian Adventures. With Volvo’s advanced technology and superior maneuverability, Hawaiian Adventures can navigate with confidence, while providing an exceptional and safe experience for their guests.

The collaboration between Hawaiian Adventures and BRIX Marine has resulted in a vessel that perfectly aligns with their mission and values. Artemis incorporates cutting-edge design features that optimize wildlife viewing, offering unobstructed sightlines and comfortable spaces for passengers and crew alike. It’s remarkable speed and fuel efficiency allow for extensive coverage of the Kona Coast, ensuring that Hawaiian Adventures can deliver immersive encounters with marine life while minimizing environmental impact.

Shane Aggergaard shared his excitement stating, “BRIX Marine in Port Angeles came up with an amazing design and, with a collaborative effort of many people, created what I feel to be the finest small tour boat in Hawaii.” Artemis represents exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail, capturing Hawaiian Adventures’ aim to provide an unmatched wildlife adventure for guests.

Artemis’ Main Deck welcomes guests on a spacious and comfortable open-air ride. Padded forward-facing seats are strategically positioned at the optimal viewing angle for all passengers, offering uninterrupted views of the captivating surroundings. The deck provides ample shaded and full sun seating options, ensuring guests’ comfort throughout the journey. Just astern of the main seating area, a spacious and clean marine head (private restroom) is available, along with complimentary cold drinks, sunscreen application mirrors, and integrated trash receptacles. The soft SeaDek (EVA foam decking material) adds a touch of luxury, allowing guests to enjoy a barefoot feel during their adventure.

As an industry leader in building custom, mission-specific vessels, BRIX exceeds expectations and embraces innovation. With a deep understanding of customer needs, BRIX specializes in crafting world-renowned vessels to meet specific requirements, enabling organizations such as Hawaiian Adventures to accomplish their missions seamlessly.

About Hawaiian Adventures: Hawaiian Adventures is a leading provider of immersive wildlife experiences on the Kona Coast. Committed to conservation and exceptional guest service, Hawaiian Adventures offers year-round whale watching and night manta snorkel tours, connecting people with the breathtaking marine life and natural wonders of Hawaii. Learn more at