Inside Passage Yacht Sales Announces New Partnership with Custom Builders BRIX Marine and EagleCraft

BRIX Marine is excited to announce a new partnership with Inside Passage Yacht Sales (IPYS) and EagleCraft. This partnership will connect boaters in the Puget Sound to BRIX’s signature recreational catamarans and EagleCraft’s premium cruiser collection. IPYS will apply their personalized, industry leading sales service to represent the two portfolios, which range from 29’ to 43’. This portfolio access will give them an inside scoop on the latest trends in aluminum luxury vessels.

The partnership gives IPYS buyers first-class access to the best of EagleCraft and BRIX Marine’s recreational line-up, bringing both brands to more people, in more places, in new ways.

“Partnering with IPYS allows us to deliver our premium catamarans with confidence that our future owners are in the right hands to have an exceptional experience, allowing us to conceive, design, and build the next generation of aluminum catamarans,” said Perry Knudson, Managing Director, BRIX Marine. “Together we will generate more excitement about BRIX catamarans, a product specialized for the extreme marine environments in the Pacific Northwest. Inside Passage Yacht Sales will have inside access and will place our future owners on the path of success for their new vessel purchase.”

BRIXg Marine is known for being ‘First in Catamarans.’ Their recreational CATs are born from a strong workboat and research vessel history. IPYS will be featuring five of BRIX’s signature catamarans, ranging from 29’ to 35’.

“The IPYS, EagleCraft and BRIX Marine partnership is a powerful combination.BRIX and EagleCraft bring their naval engineering expertise, premium aluminum vessels and both employ a collaborative approach which compliments the IPYS mindset,” said Brian Krantz, Inside Passage Yacht Sales. “We believe in bringing the best of premium luxury yachts to our target market. BRIX and EagleCraft are an obvious choice to help get our owners into the boat of their dreams.”

Inside Passage Yacht Sales’ central location in Anacortes, WA, midway between EagleCraft in Campbell River, BC and BRIX Marine in Port Angeles, WA, benefits buyers. The IPYS team has decades of experience in the marine industry, matched only by their passion for yachts and the owners they get to connect with. They host an annual rendezvous and focus on building relationships that last.

“EagleCraft has always been about premier craftsmanship and developing custom vessels that bring owners’ dreams to life,” said Torry Wannenwetsch, Managing Director, EagleCraft. “We’re excited about this opportunity to reach new EagleCraft owners in the Puget Sound, one of North America’s greatest boating markets, and to create new pathways for our brand.”

EagleCraft is known for their reliable construction and hand-crafted finishing. The EagleCraft Cruiser is the perfect mix of rugged durability and fine finishing to attract the crossover cruising market. IPYS will be featuring four EagleCraft Cruisers ranging from 31’ to 43’.

This collaboration represents a step-change in the way all three businesses address the needs of the market. The IPYS partnership brings together deep skills in business, marine engineering, and cutting-edge products. Most importantly, new buyers can expect exceptional customer service to support boaters in their investment.

BRIX is the premier custom aluminum catamaran builder in the Pacific Northwest. They have forged a legacy of high-performance designs and quality workmanship over the last two decades. Looking to the future, BRIX’s aim is to create long-lasting positive impacts for their customers, community, and team.

BRIX is a part of Bryton, a group that includes EagleCraft, KingFisher, Duckworth, Northwest, and Weldcraft aluminum boats.BRIX operates independently within the group, benefiting from an experienced management team, highly skilled work force, and physical factory that has been customized for efficiency. While operating as separate business units, the brands are strengthened by sharing best practices and collaborating on strategic planning. The group is built on a foundation of solid core values with an emphasis on community enrichment, striving to be employers of choice while fostering innovation and product development. BRIX’s market focus, talented personnel, and industry leading boat designs partnered with Bryton’s strong purchasing power and solid management systems enable BRIX Marine to provide clients with superior vessels at great value.

For more information on BRIX Marine, contact: Perry Knudson (360) 457-5752

EagleCraft has been building custom commercial and recreational vessels since 1985. Their bespoke experience brings customers into the fold to ensure the vessel suits their activities perfectly. EagleCraft’s experienced team of craftsmen has perfected tough boats that withstand the roughest waters on the West Coast, while instilling a handcrafted luxury touch.

With over 800 vessels operating on the coast, the EagleCraft name has earned an enviable reputation for quality construction and reliability. Now, that same heavy-duty quality, design, construction, durability, and reliability is available to the discerning recreational vessel operator in the EagleCraft range of Cruisers. EagleCraft is a part of Bryton, a marine group which includes marquee brands BRIX Marine, KingFisher, Duckworth, Northwest, and Weldcraft boats.

For more information on EagleCraft, contact: Torry Wannenwetsch 1-888-393-6464

Inside Passages Yacht Sales knows that boating is not only about a boat, it’s also about a lifestyle. The perfect boat inspires you to live differently, to go and to do. Their passion is not only boats, but pairing the perfect boat with the right buyer, and that is what makes them different. IPYS believes in building relationships, not just making sales.

For more information on Inside Passage Yacht Sales contact: Brian Krantz (360) 468-4997